What To Do After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a scary event, especially if you are injured or your car is severely damaged. While everyone hopes they will never find themselves in this situation, it is important to know what to do in case an accident does happen. Here is some basic information on what to do after a car accident occurs.

Call For Help

Safety is most important after an accident happens. Check for injuries before doing anything else. If necessary, call an ambulance. If no one is hurt, call the police so that a report can be filed and fault can be determined. This will be important to the claims process later on.

Gather Information

Get important information from the other drivers, including their name, contact information, insurance company and policy number. Also collect names and contact information from eyewitnesses to the collision. Record the makes, colors and models of all cars involved, and take pictures of the crash site. 

Have Your Car Repaired

If you car has sustained serious damage, you may not be able to drive it anymore. Call for roadside assistance if this is the case. If you can drive your car, take it to auto body shop Denver CO for any necessary repairs. Document all repairs that were done and how much they cost. This will be helpful when filing a claim.

File a Claim

Call your insurance company immediately after the crash and begin filing a claim. They will be able to walk your through this process. If your claim is successful, you may be able to get money to repair your car and pay your medical bills. If you were the one at fault, you may have liability coverage as well.

Staying safe should be your number one priority when driving, but sometimes unfortunate things happen. Knowing what you should do after an accident will help you feel prepared as you hit the open road, and allow you to relax and enjoy driving.