Ways Improve the Security of Company Assets on trial

Security is one thing that is very important and needed in life, including room security. Security is important, especially if in the room there are company assets that are very important, valuable, confidential or at least something that is not intended in general.

This is the main reason for buying a comprehensive security involving hiring guards, even Security guards bearing AR-10 upper’s and matching guns.

Restrictions on access rights for certain rooms are absolute, especially within a company. This is because in a company many important objects are ranging from various office inventory, documents, company cash, and other important assets. Inside the company, there also a place where workers from various divisions pass. In general, every worker in a division is placed in a certain room that is different from other divisions. However, that does not mean other rooms are safe from the reach of people. Giving trust to workers is a must, but to be more secure, keep balanced with optimal security efforts and install a variety of security devices such as those below.

Install CCTV in the room

The presence of CCTV in the room is very easy to find. CCTV is not just protecting your valuable assets, but also can be used as evidence of a case incident through the results of the recording. Since technology is highly developed, now CCTV can be accessed on mobile devices, making it easier for users to monitor their assets. For those of you who are looking for CCTV installation services, you can use the services of Rhenus Lupprians. Through years of experience, Rhenus Lupprians offers a variety of services, such as technical logistics services such as CCTV installations, installations, medical devices, to other high-tech installations.

Use a door access control machine

The attendance machines as well as access control doors can be used both functions are practically in one machine. In addition to saving space, of course, it also saves the company’s budget for the procurement of office inventory.

Implement a multi-identification system

For maximum security, choose an access control engine that has the advantage of multi-identification. As with the attendance machine as well as access control that has the type of identification of fingerprints, passwords, faces, and cards. You can use only one of them, but if you want a higher level of security then you should use all types of identification. The more types of identification used, the higher the level of security. For example, an employee will access a room that has a door access control machine installed with a combination of several identifications. If the employee cannot complete all the modifications, the employee will not be able to open the room.

Those are some tips to improve the security of company assets that can be done as an effort to prevent the possibility of the risk such as losing valuable assets in a company.