Tips for buying used cars you should know

Now the need for cars is increasing every year. The factor of public transportation in Indonesia which is still inadequate is one of the reasons many people prefer to have private vehicles for daily use. Many people who try to own a car from buying new to used. But for those who don’t have enough funds, you can buy a used car at a price that is far more affordable than a new car.

But whether buying a used car can be guaranteed quality? Yes, even though the car is a used vehicle if you can choose and research which car is the right one, a good quality car can be found. However, unfortunately there are still many who do not understand how to choose a used car with good quality. Do not let you have to spend a lot of money, but the car obtained is even of poor quality. Therefore, let’s try to see the following tips on buying a used car.

Tips on Buying a Used Car

1. Where to Buy

Tips on buying a quality used car first, pay attention to where you buy a car, do not buy in any place like in places selling illegal or unofficial vehicles. Choose a place to buy and sell used cars (Jual beli mobil bekas) that already have a name. Because, they will try to maintain their good name, so the quality of the cars sold is also guaranteed. You can try to buy it at

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2. Do not be tempted by cheap prices

Many advertisements in print and electronic media offer used cars at too cheap a price. But toppers should not be tempted by the low prices they offer, check first directly before the transaction. Because if the vehicle described does not match like in the ad, you can cancel the purchase.

3. Don’t Buy Hurriedly

Do not rush to buy a used car. There is no harm in falling in love at first sight, but it is strictly prohibited when buying a used car. Don’t be tempted by a nice, smooth appearance, because it might just be the outside that looks good, but not the inside.

4. Check the Condition of the Car Body


After finding the right place to buy a car, tips on buying a used car next is to check the car. Note how the condition of the paint, is it still smooth or is there a beret. Also check the glass, if there are cracks. And check the lamp, whether the light is bright or not. Finally, check the condition of all four tires and make sure all the exterior conditions of the car are still okay.

5. Check the condition of the car engine

The most important part in buying a used car is the process of checking engine performance on the car. It takes qualified technical abilities when checking, you should invite your friends who have the ability in the automotive field . First turn on the engine of the car and then notice the sound, if the car has been flooded, the sound will usually sound harsh, but if the sound is soft it means the engine is still in normal condition. Next test drive , do the gear shift and make sure the car’s condition is smooth when walking.

Those are some tips for buying a used car, Toppers must be more careful before buying to avoid losses that can occur. In addition to the right price, security must also be a priority.