These Are Signs That Car Window Film Must Be Replaced

Each car is usually equipped with window film, be it when you buy a new car or buy a used car. But it should be noted, when the car window film is mounted, it does not mean window film will be used for life.

It turns out that just like other car components, window film also has a lifetime. Unfortunately, many car owners don’t understand that when it’s time to replace the window film, signs appear that you can pay attention to. You can go to the windshield replacement Peoria AZ for the best and experienced windshield service.

Well, this time we will give tips as to what signs car window film must be replaced. Because if the film layer is not replaced, comfort and safety when driving becomes disturbed.

1. The Color Has Changed

One sign of a car window film must be replaced that is very easy to see is the color of the window film. If the color of the window film is no longer matching or fading, then you should be prepared to set aside some funds to replace the car window film. Often this color change makes the window film change from initially black to purple or bluish.

2. Chipped

Another sign when the window film must be replaced is that there are parts that are starting to peel. Usually on the edges of the glass, like in the driver’s window or front passenger. Exfoliation can be a sign if the adhesion of the film layer to the glass surface has decreased with increasing usage time.

3. Air Bubbles Appear

In addition to starting to peel off, the reduced adhesive power of the film layer with the glass surface is also marked by the appearance of air bubbles. More bubbles will appear if the car is often exposed to direct sunlight. For example, due to too often parked in open land for a long time.

4. Glass Becomes Opaque

In addition to changing color and peeling or bloating, other signs of car window film must be replaced when glass visibility decreases. Glass as if frosted or dewy even though it has been cleaned many times. As a result, your comfort while driving is also disturbed.

5. Routinely Replaced Every 5 Years

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, basically car window film also has a lifespan. Although there are no signs that you have to get ready to replace the window film, in fact, you can regularly replace these components.

If maintenance of the car, especially the window film is fairly good, then this component can last 4-5 years. Some forms of maintenance so that the window film lasts a long time, among others, do not often park in the direct sun. And maintain the clean surface of the glass so it is not easily scratched or torn.