The New Car Insurance Companies To Watch Out For In The US Market?

Reviewing the services and policies of insurance companies is a way of choosing the right insurance company for your car. You can get a list of credible insurance companies on sites like The result you get from the review of insurance companies in the US is a determinant of how well you will enjoy your policy when you finally settle for an insurance company.

Depending on the insurance company you pick, there are different car insurance policies you can go for that will adequately cover you and your car in case of an accident.

Benefits Of Subscribing To A Car Insurance Policy

Coverage Of A Damaged Or Lost Vehicle

When you subscribe to an insurance policy for your car, you are able to have a cover for when your vehicle is damaged due to an accident, self-ignition or fire and in case of car theft.

Personal Accident Cover

This type of car insurance policy covers you and any unnamed passenger against permanent or total disability and death due to an accident.

Third-Party Liabilities

This type of car insurance policy covers any loss or damage to the car or property of any third party that might have been caused by your vehicle. It also covers legal liabilities, bodily injuries or death of a third party.

Network Of Garages

Insurance companies usually have an extensive network of car garages all around the country. They can refer you to any of them in case your car requires any repair. This policy is convenient as you do not have to make cash payments.

New Insurance Companies In The US Market


This is an auto insurance company founded in 2015 and based in Ohio. The tech-savvy insurance company uses smartphone technology to assess your driving behaviour. You will get a personalised quote between 2 to 3 weeks test drive. You can purchase and manage your car insurance policy via their mobile app. Root raised $100 million and $51 million respectively in two separate fundraisings.


Metromile is a car insurance start-up company based in San Francisco. The insurance company uses technology and a pay per mile insurance method for a car insurance policy. Their car insurance policy uses the number of miles you drive and other vehicle diagnostics to cover your car. Metromile raised $90 million in July 2018.


Zego is an insurance company where you can purchase a car insurance policy for your car online. You can also insure your car by the hour with both yourself and the vehicle adequately covered in case of an accident.


Zendrive is a car insurance company with different car insurance policies that will adequately cover you and your car. It has products with WrckDetects which notifies them after a crash. There are also other products like FuelSip, which gives you tips on how to manage your fuel better. It is a cat insurance company that has leveraged on technology to provide insurance cover for its clients.