The Benefits of Using a Pet Seat Cover

Vehicle owners love to take their dogs and pets – their best friends and family members, with them on a trip into town or maybe a longer ride to the mountains or the beach. But, as pooch lovers know, even trained and well-behaved dogs may damage a car seat that would be expensive to repair – if it was repairable!

The good news is that pet seat covers are available in a variety of sizes and seat types. Dog owners will find great benefits from using a seat cover with their pets riding shotgun or in the back seat. To find out more about the benefits a pet seat cover provides, please read below.

A Pet Seat Covers Helps Prevent Damage to the Interior

Whether your car seats are cloth or leather, the seat material was never designed to be scratched, clawed-at, or chewed.

If you ever have had to pay for a car seat repair or reupholster a car seat, you know just how costly this can be. Fortunately, seat covers are available to act as a barrier that protects the car’s seat material from a pet and other messes. Car seats are constructed using durable materials that can withstand scratches (and other damage) – caused by pets and mess-makers in the car along for a ride.

A Pet Seat Cover Reduces the Amount of Pet Hair that Collects in the Car Seat

It is inevitable – pet hair adheres like a magnet to a car or vehicle’s floors, mats, and seats, etc. The typically unavoidable result is that car or truck owners will need to invest time cleaning and vacuuming the car seats to remove the pet fur and dirt.

The pet seat cover can simply be tossed in the wash (in accordance with the manufacturer’s seat cover instructions) whenever the cover becomes fur-infested or overrun with dirt.

A Pet Seat Cover Prevents Lingering Stains & Odors

Pets may also leave a lingering aroma after their car outing is over. And, as some pet owners know, certain smells are challenging to eliminate and may even remain after the car has been thoroughly cleaned. The reality is that even the best-trained pets can inadvertently stain a car’s interior by drooling or from their dirty paws.

Covering the car seat with a washable, protective fabric eliminates one’s need to deal with permanent odors issues by constant scrubbing and cleaning. However, before purchasing a pet seat cover, it is wise to find out more about its washing directions.

A Pet Seat Cover Prevents a Pet from Sliding Around

A dog typically sits in the back seat, preferably with the window open and its tongue flapping in the wind. The typical material used to cover a car seat – be it leather, cloth, or polyester, has not been designed to prevent your dog or pet from slip-sliding from the car’s movement. Fortunately, pet seat covers are made with a textured fabric which creates a positive footing for your pet.

By using a pet seat cover, you can help keep your dog safe and your car’s interior clean with little effort.