Understanding the Types of Squidhat Medications for Digestive Problem

The numbers of ulcer drugs on the market often confuse the public in choosing the right type. Not only they have a similar label, ulcer drugs on the market are also generally promise a similar effect.

Inevitably, the ulcer is one of 10 diseases suffered by patients hospitalized in a hospital in the US. These medications are usually called squidhat medications. These conditions impact on the many types of medicines in circulation, so people ulcer demanded to no one chose medicine.


Here are ulcer drugs that are commonly used:


Drugs of this type serve to neutralize stomach acid. Antacids are the drugs most commonly used and can be purchased freely. This medication containing aluminum and magnesium can increase the pH of the stomach. Antacid drug is safe and relatively inexpensive.

H2 receptor Antagonists (H2RA)

H2RA drug works at the level of gastric acid production by controlling the receptor that receives the signal to produce stomach acid. In general, drugs H2RA will reduce the production of stomach acid and gas production in the stomach.

Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI)

Drugs of this type have a mechanism of action is similar to H2RA, which suppress the production of stomach acid. PPI drugs can stop working cells that produce stomach acid to the maximum. This is one of the most effective medications to reduce gastric acid production.


Antibiotics are usually only given if found any bacterial infection takes place in the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori -like. Avoid taking antibiotics without a doctor’s supervision, because the necessary appropriate treatment plans to use this type of drug.


Prokinetic drugs help reduce the symptoms of ulcer with a launch or speed up the digestive process. This type of drug is usually given as a combination of other ulcer drugs.

Oral Suspension (antidiarrheal agents)

Agent oral suspension is used to coat and protect the stomach wall and is only temporary. These agents also are commonly used to prevent diarrhea, which often occur in patients with an ulcer.

Now you know the kinds of drugs to address the ulcer problem. To ensure the ulcer drugs are most appropriate, you should consult your doctor.

According to the World Health Organization (2012), the incidence of ulcer in developing countries reached 40.8%. This makes it one of the 10 most prevalent diseases in hospitalized patients in the hospital. Ulcer is a common disease in all ages, especially in the productive age, because it is often triggered by stress and irregular eating patterns.

There is plenty of information about treatment options for dealing with the ulcer, one of which is an antibiotic. Antibiotics are often said to be a therapeutic option to address the mag, but it turns out this is not entirely true. To find out, you should know in advance how the mechanisms of ulcer antibiotic medications and its function.

Simply put, the ulcer is irritation of the stomach wall that normally serves to protect the stomach from acid and germs. At an ulcer, impaired state of the stomach wall can be caused by several things-for example; bacteria, certain drugs, and alcohol. In some people, the ulcer can also be triggered by stress and irregular eating patterns.

Antibiotic is a medical treatment which serves to deal with infections caused by bacteria. Antibiotics are not effective for diseases caused by other precipitating factors, including viruses, prions or parasites. Each originator has the best therapy according to its target.

Based on the above, the antibiotic is not actually beneficial to the ulcer that is not caused by bacteria. Complaints with symptoms similar to the ulcer mention that the use of antibiotics is the main treatment of gastric ulcers. This is due to peptic ulcers are caused by H. pylori bacteria infection, so the combination treatment is with antibiotics -like; clarithromycin, metronidazole, and amoxicillin.

Although not directly related to a bacterial infection, an ulcer that happens repeatedly allows and can progress to gastric ulcer disease. Therefore, immediately overcome if you are suffering from an ulcer. Do not wait to see a doctor to get treatment as early as possible.

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