Right Food to Resolve Ulcer Problem

An ulcer patients must have often heard the advice to not too late to eat, do not eat spicy, or other. Is there a diet that can be applied by the ulcer patient?


Ulcer is an irritation of the stomach wall which can be caused by many conditions, one of which diet or a diet that is less precise. If you are a sufferer of ulcer problem, here are some tips to manage your diet so that the ulcer is not a problem that makes it difficult.

Eat a little but often

If you usually eat lunch in one large serving and dinner also in a large serving, try to change this habit. Make a habit of eating in smaller portions, but with greater frequency. You can apply a diet to 5-6 times a day, with a smaller portion.

Drink between meals, not with meals.

Water (not coffee, tea, or soft drinks) can help control the symptoms of ulcer. Drinking water before meals can also help filling, thus reducing the size of the meal. Avoid drinks with meals because it can trigger bloating that will cause reflux.

Avoid eating before bed, unless these foods

Lie down immediately after a meal will increase the incidence of reflux, because of increased production of stomach acid to digest food. If you feel hungry before going to sleep, you can eat a snack such as a baked potato or bread can be filling while helping to absorb the stomach acid before bed.

Reduce fatty foods

Fatty foods, such as fried foods and foods containing coconut milk, takes longer to digest. These conditions trigger more stomach acid.

Avoid foods and beverages that can trigger ulcer

Avoid consumption of alcohol and milk, coffee, and spicy or greasy foods. Also learn what foods and beverages that trigger your mag. If you already know, avoid! These individuals usually have different ulcer foods trigger.

Besides overcoming ulcer, with above tips you can manage your diet and at the same time, you can get into shape while maintaining health. Not too difficult, is not it? Good luck!

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