Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Health

Drinking coffee is a habit that is often done by most men, in which coffee is a drink that is very popular at the time when they are relaxing.


Many recent studies say that coffee has a positive effect on heart health. Coffee is a beverage that is often consumed by people around the world. Until now, the coffee consumption is often associated or even identified with negative effects on the body. However, many recent studies also state that coffee appeared to have a positive effect on the body, especially the liver health.

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Your Health

Consuming coffee in sufficient quantity mentioned may reduce liver damage. Liver damage can be caused by several things, such as alcohol, viral hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty liver, cirrhosis, and cancer liver. Coffee consumption was associated with improved levels of enzymes that reflect liver function, such as SGOT, SGPT and GGT.

Here are the kind of diseases that can be cured by drinking coffee quoted from :

  1. Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease that can cause death. A study that examined more than 430,000 participants found that eating two cups of coffee a day was associated with reduced risk factors for cirrhosis by 44%. In addition, a study showed that consuming 2-3 cups of coffee can reduce the risk of cirrhosis by 57%.

  1. Liver Cancer

Although it still requires further research, some studies have cited the positive effects of coffee on decreasing the incidence of liver cancer. Research conducted by Tanaka, et al and Gelatti et al, suggests that in people who consume 3-4 cups of coffee a day for 1-2 years is associated with reduced risk of liver cancer.

  1. Chronic Liver Disease

Coffee consumption was also associated with a reduced incidence of chronic liver disease. Research conducted Modi et al found a strong link between daily coffee consumption with the severity of liver fibrosis in people who suffer from chronic liver disease. The researchers found that consuming 1-2 cups of coffee was associated with a decline in the number of liver fibrosis.

2-3 cups of coffee consumed mentioned have beneficial effects for the body, such as to protect the liver. However, remember that not all types of coffee good for the heart. There is research that says that filtered coffee has a heart protective effect, while the types of espresso coffee just do not have a positive effect on health.

We did a lot of research supporting the positive effects of coffee on liver health, but remember that coffee drinkers there are limits, and those who possess strong stamina are not be suggested to consume coffee.

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